Wayne Wasylciw leads our research and development team at Great Plains MDF. A well-respected senior engineer, Wayne is considered a “global expert” when it comes to agrifibre panel research & testing. As a former technical director with the Alberta Research Council, Wayne was the project lead on a multitude of innovative panelboard & OSSB (Oriented Structural Straw Board) technology. 

He has collaborated worldwide with various industry manufacturers and academia in the application of non-wood materials to the industrial & production processes. 

Wayne offers advanced technical expertise and scientific rigour in finding and developing innovative, cost-effective solutions. From laboratory research to mill trials and implementation, he has a solution-oriented leadership style and has proven his ability to manage cross-functional teams of scientists, engineers, academics, and technologists to bring the most advanced research in the field to market. He is a primary inventor and holds several patents for panel manufacturing. Wayne has a master’s degree (M. Sc.) in agricultural engineering from the University of Alberta.