Brian McLeod

Brian McLeod is a leading innovator and visionary at Great Plains MDF.  As Chair of the Board, he helps guide key decision making within the company.

Brian has spent a lifetime in the construction and forest products industries in senior executive roles and as an entrepreneur.  He has led Sales & Marketing at Ranger MDF, Canada’s first MDF facility in Alberta as well as WestPine MDF in British Columbia. Under his leadership, his sales programs resulted in brand recognition for quality & service, earning substantial price premiums as well as industry awards.

As CEO of Panel Source International Inc & FoundWood Systems Inc., Brian developed panel products certified to environmental programs, including the LEED Program for the U.S. Green Building Council.

Recognized for his expertise in the MDF industry in North America, Brian has served as an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Given growing global market demand for MDF and a push towards renewable resources, Brian believes that agrifibre panels are the future and will quickly capture panel markets worldwide.

Brian McLeod